Kegan Entry 11

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It is good to be in the thick of the fight once more. The weeks of traveling and training were starting to take a toll on me. I could feel the wall within my mind beginning to bend slightly. I am stronger though, more so now then when I was younger. The years of fighting have helped me greatly. This group I have found has done wonders for me; I do not think I can thank them enough for all of the help they have given me.

So here we are, in some backwater town, fighting trolls. I’m loving ever minute of it. However, we can only get so far without information. Tromping through the Haunt is great and all but it is a good way to end up dead if you don’t know where you are going. Which led us back to town. We had hoped to question the survivor of the group that Baron’s son put together to kill the Troll King. He was not very forthcoming so we ate and then went to sleep, hoping for better luck in the morning.

Well, when we woke up and went into the common room, there was the Baron’s son. Alive. Whole. Talking. I immediately looked to the tiefling and eladrin who had stupid grins on their faces. They raised him from the dead. I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to say so I grunted and got something to eat. It turned out to be of great help as the kid was able to give us information on the Haunt and the trolls. With our new found information and quest to return the family sword, we set out for the Trollhaunt.

After fighting off a band of trolls in the Haunt, we finally tracked out way to a lair that had a huge massive door. Cage thought he would try and go around the door via a small stream that led into the mountainside. As they made their way through the water, I decided to kick in the door. I wanted to be sure I had the troll’s attention so the others could slip inside and flank them.

The fight was efficient and we handled the threat well. Even the addition of the trogs didn’t deter us, though the smell was unbelievably bad. We ended up killing the trolls, and a few of the trogs got away. Since we had started the invasion, we couldn’t really take our time with investigating or sightseeing so we took off after them, right into another group of trogs and other nasty creatures. I wasn’t sure what they were but they could take a hit with the best of them.

It wasn’t enough for them though. They went down in good time and all of us were no worse for wear. So we stopped to catch our breath since nothing was charging at us. I’m looking forward to the rest of the den and what challenges it may bring us.

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