Treasure Seeker

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Gendar needs a group of able-bodied adventurers to retrieve an item of commercial value for him. The item is an ancient skull scepter; it’s nonmagical, but Gendar can make a decent amount of money selling the item to one of his regular clients. He had acquired it from the Bone Chamber, near the cisterns beneath the Seven-Pillared Hall, but lost it when his agents were ambushed by the duergar.

“A duergar in the Horned Hold currently possesses the scepter,” Gendar explained, “but it clearly belongs to me. If you happen to come across either the scepter or the duergar in your travels, I shall pay you handsomely for returning the scepter to me.”


Tolis-Va acquired the scepter from the duergar forgemaster Urwol’s room, where it hung on the wall. After he and his new companions had routed Murkelmor, they were forced to retreat from his hellish reinforcements, and the group decided to return to the Seven-Pillared Hall to regroup. During this trip, he stopped by Gendar’s Curios and delivered the scepter, for which the drow paid him the agreed upon fee of 300 gold.

Treasure Seeker

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