Tolis Va Entry 4

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Thank Avandra we are finally done with that keep. Demon summoners, cubes that melt your face and other such things were |tarting to get on my nerves. Kalarel is dead and we can finally move. Felt like I needed to get that off of my chest. I wonder what wonderful keeps and catacombs we will search next?!

When we got back to town, we immediately took Syler’s lifeless body to the temple in hopes of returning his spirit to this realm. The priestess told us that it was not cheap to do so, but that it could be done for a mere 500 gold. Good thing Syler had the funds to cover it. Our (My) next order of business was to get some new digs. Two days of playing around in mud, guts and slime did a number on my old rags. As we ventured towards Paidrig’s, I stopped into a local shop to get some new clothes and then caught up to my companions.

Paidrig paid us handsomely for our work and told us the the feeling of gloom that seemed to effect the city and its people had passed earlier that morning. We then made out way to the inn where we could catch a warm bath and a hot meal. We were being hailed as heroes, and so the food and drink throughout the afternoon was free and in good supply. With all of the joy and merriment that ensued, I think even Etholin got lucky.

During the festivities, Bairwin approached the group with a job offer. Knowing we were planning to travel back to Fallcrest in the morn to deliver Douven, he asked if we could deliver an item to Thunderspire to an associate of his and then return with another item that was to be given to us. He agreed to pay us well for the job and discretion. He gave us the rest of the evening to think it over and commenced to order us some more drinks before leaving.

My head hurt something fierce the next morning. Too much wine and not enough sleep must be the culprit… or the half-ton ogre that sat on my head in my sleep, one of the two. Begrudgingly, I got dressed and made my way downstairs to see the rest of my companions in an equally chipper mood. We had a few more errands to run before we set out, so off we went.

We stopped back at Paidrig’s to inform him of the letter we claimed that spoke of the Blood Reavers and he told us that it was best to take it to the Lord Warden of Fallcrest. We nodded and then headed to Bairwin’s to take his deal. He presented us with a chest that contained a small dagger that we were to a Gendar in Thunderspire and that Gendar would give us an item in return. He also mentioned not to mention his (Bairwin’s) name to anyone but Gendar lest we wanted trouble from some Ogre that acted as the de facto sheriff of the place. Bairwin then replenished our supplies and waved good bye to us.

We set out that morning and made decent time towards Fallcrest before coming upon a sight that I didn’t quite expect. Our old friend Splug was running from some wolves and proceeded to climb a boulder and shout for help as we approached. We quickly dispatched the creatures and Splug was eternally grateful. After some very confusing chit-chat, we parted ways and continued towards Fallcrest.

Upon arriving in Fallcrest, we returned Douven to his wife and were treated to some great home cooking. The next morning we split up the errands we needed to accomplish with Syler and I headed off to Cranewing’s to pass on the map we made of the Keep. Cranewing told us that we should talk to a Sage by the name of Nimozaran the Green in reference to Thunderspire when we inquired about it.

Later on we met up again with our companions and set forth to meet with the Lord Warden that evening. In the time in between, we decided to spend our earnings and went shopping for whatever wares we felt we needed. Seeing the need to be more deadly at range, I decided to purchase a bow from a weapons shop that was imbued with thunder magic. That should do the trick I should think.

The meeting with Lord Warden led to yet more work as we were to Bring him the head of the Chief of the Bloodreavers in return for a 1,000 gold bounty. Sounds like my kind of gig and we accepted it willingly. After that meeting we set out to meet with Nimozaran the Green to see what he could tell us about Thunderspire.

Nimozaran the Green told us what info he had and asked us to seek more relics and stories of the area. We gladly agreed to provide them for a little coin. Looks like we are going to be busy for just a while longer.

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Tolis Va Entry 4

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