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That was my first word from coming back from the dead. Being dead sucks, I don’t recommend it. The worst part is I woke up poorer than I’d been prior to dying. The church of Avandra sure has quite the racket. At least they cleaned me up, though they dressed me in some lame digs. I thanked the priestess and headed out of the church to see the other party members arriving to pick me up. I asked them where my stuff was and Balasar threw me my bag of holding. Everything but 500 gp was there. Damn, guess I’ll have to get back on the ball ASAP and earn some more gold. We headed back to Wrafton’s Inn and on the way were treated to many congratulations and words of thanks from the town’s populace. We also got some nice freebies as people bought us clothes, food, and ale. A couple of cute halfling girls caught my eye and I let them take turns bouncing on my knee.

Evening came, and I was entertaining the possibility of bedding both Bettys when Bairwin, the local goods shop-keeper came in and offered his thanks. I told the bar wench that the next round was on him and he obliged. He then asked about the possibility of working for him on a job to Thunderspire Mountain. He needed a package delivered to some guy named Gendar and to get a package from him to bring back to Winterhaven. We said we’d think about it and he bid us a good night. Boy, was it. Two chicks at the same time.

The next morning I was nursing a wicked hangover and drinking some ale to help alleviate the pain. I was also still feeling pretty weak from being dead for awhile. I hope this passes soon. Then Morthos remembered about the note we found in Shadowfell Keep about the Bloodreaver slavers operating out of Thunderspire. We decided Lord Paidrig might want to know about this so we went to his keep. We were admitted in and were told to bring the information to Lord Warden in Fallcrest. I asked him for a letter of introduction and he obliged. Afterwards, we went to Bairwin’s shop and picked up the item. I asked for part of the pay up front but he wasn’t having it. This guy better pay up when we deliver or he’s not gonna live to rip anybody else off. He did re-supply us with rations and an odd arrow here and there. We then went and picked up Douven and began the trek back to Fallcrest.

The following day we saw a familiar goblin running and squealing for dear life. The goblin was Splug, and he was being chased by a bunch of wolves with a seriously nasty looking wolf in the lead. Splug ran up a boulder and the nasty looking wolf ignored him and came after me. It hit me hard and I returned the favor, toppling it over. Then I scampered up the same boulder Splug was on and shoved him aside. I tossed a shuriken into the nasty wolf’s eye and killed it. Then I jumped off the boulder and killed another of the wolves with a torturous strike.

Afterwards, Splug told us about what happened with the kobolds and how he was working on a lute that looked like a retarded baby had crafted it. He then asked for drink and Ethol, pushover that he is, gave him one of the bottles of wine found in the keep. Idiot, that’s worth gold! Splug downed it with a single chug and promptly passed out. I mentioned it wouldn’t be good for the goblin to leave him passed out amidst all these dead wolf bodies so Balasar carried him along until he woke. Afterwards, he said he needed weapons and since I’ve never been able to sell any of mine I offered him one of my 3 daggers and my non-magical short sword. The goblin was grateful and told us his plans of going to the Witchlight Fens. I told him to spread the word about how badass we are and he said he would, then asked what our group was called. The elf responded with, “The Fab Five.” Geezus, he’s as bi-curious as the Fey. I mean, I was at the Inn when Ethol was hitting on some chicks. Kinky bitch. Anyhow Splug ran with the name and he was off. I have the feeling it’s not the last we’ve seen of that one.

A few days later we’d arrived in Fallcrest. Ah, a proper city. I couldn’t wait for a bath to wash the stink of travel off. We escorted Douven back home and ate dinner and enjoyed some fine brandy. We stayed the night and said our goodbyes in the morning. Tolis-Va and I then took the map I’d drawn to Cranewing. We discussed his interest in the map with the old codger, and he assured us he had no interest of actually visiting the keep. He then paid us and told us to meet Nimozaran the Green after I inquired about Thunderspire. I thanked him and met up with the others to divvy up the gold. Then I went shopping. Picked up some Halfling-sized magic leather armor that I have not doubt will come in handy. Also sold all the kid’s stuff we’d found in the Shadowfell Keep and bought 2 potions of healing and another 10 days of rations.

Next, we passed a posting on a wall of 12 missing people from the Harkenwold that were kidnapped by the Bloodreavers. There was a gold reward so of course I was interested. Then we met with Lord Warden and he offered us 1,500 gp to kill the Bloodreavers and return the 12 people. Sweet.

Finally we went to see the sage Nimozaran and he blabbed about the history of the place. I zoned out for awhile until he mentioned his interest in tales and artifacts from Thunderspire and that he was willing to pay 300 gold for it. Man, all revenue streams lead to Thunderspire.

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Syler Entry 9

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