Syler Entry 8

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Those Hobgoblins barely put up a fight against our party. Probably because it was well past our bed time and we were all cranky. I managed to off a couple of the 9 that stood between me and sleep, the rest of the guys took care of their buddies. I recommended we go back to the room we’d found with the kids’ toys as it had a door we could close and bar and was in an area the Hobgoblins were afraid to enter, but once again, deaf ears. We went back to the room with rotting corpses and annoying riddles.

The next day we got up and were headed down a previously unexplored section of the 2nd level. Tolis-Va and I scouted ahead, but neither of us were careful enough as we stepped on a stone that shifted under our weight. As the stone moved a portcullis dropped in front of us, blocking our path to what looked like a dining room of some sort. Balasar walked up to the barricade and lifted it above his head with his scaled thews. He seemed to put some extra effort into it as yesterday he’d been shown up by the Elf. We walked into the dining room and 2 doors opened with Hobgoblins rushing out to greet us. I tumbled underneath the table in the middle and caught one of the Hobgoblins in the neck with a shuriken. Balasar spit fire at some of the Hobgoblins and almost caught me too, but I easily rolled out of the path of the flames. I moved to a better position and got hit for my efforts. I returned the hit and killed the Hobby with one stroke of my short sword. I then moved and bloodied another of the ugly fucks. I slid underneath the table again and sent my short sword into the Hobgoblin leader, ending his annoying shouts and orders. Then I ran up Morthos’ tail and flipped into a flanking position behind one of the last two Hobgoblins, killing him quickly.

After the fighting was done, I mapped the area while the others searched for anything useful. Lucky me, they’d found a magical short sword. I swung the keen blade viciously in front of me and liked the heft of it. The others had found some bottles of wine and I didn’t even care that there wasn’t one for me.

After securing our loot we traveled on to another unexplored area of the dungeon. Went past a door and heard more Hobgoblins on the other side. The bulls rushed in and pushed the Hobgoblins back while I hid ‘round the corner and threw stars of metal doom. Then the door behind me opened and more of those jerk-offs came pouring in. I narrowly avoided one of the blades and tumbled out of reach while Ethol murmured those weird words of his and lit 4 of the Hobgoblins up. The last one rushed the Feyboy and I flanked him, brutally sinking the blade deep in his back. There was only an archer left so I charged him with the others. I could see the fear in the creatures malformed eyes as our steel cut his life. We couldn’t find anything of use so I mapped the room and we moved on.

We opened a set of large double doors and came to an immense chamber. The entry hall to the chamber had doors to the left and right, the right one was busted open. Straight ahead we could see strange lights and a dark liquid on the floor, flowing towards a grate in the center. There was some sort of priest mumbling on the far side of the room. I fired a crossbow bolt at the priest and it struck him true, though he didn’t stop mumbling. Then a bunch of critters started slavering towards us. One moved past me and I took the opportunity to attack it. Several of the critters went down easy, but two of them took some convincing to die. Tolis-Va killed the priest, and then there was some sort of small creature creeping around. Balasar and Morthos chased the critter and ended its days. I mapped the room and we found that the liquid on the floor was blood draining to a chamber below.

Not seeing anywhere else to go, Balasar, Morthos, and Tolis-Va slid down the slick chains. I held onto a chain and half slid, half jumped from wall to wall. Then Ethol came down, hard. He attempted to slide down the chains but couldn’t keep hold. The Fey did manage a half-hearted somersault that softened his fall a bit. He’s obviously been taking notes while I do my acrobatics. Good for you Feyboy. We were all soaked in crimson when we saw another priest, flanked by two skeletons. There was a large statue of some ugly critter, probably Orcus and opposite a portal of some sort. I engaged one of the skeletons and the jerk priest kept targeting me with spells. Morthos and Tolis-Va double teamed the other skeleton while Balasar ran to the rear of the chamber to fight something there. These skeletons were a lot tougher than any of the others we’d previously faced and between the priest’s spells and the skeleton I was hurting, but Morthos joined the fight and gave me a hand. Afterwards, Kalerealaealla teleported to a magic circle in front of the gate. I moved to slice at him and a giant claw came out and struck at me. I managed to hit the priest, but was so weakened that I barely cut him. Then the bastard hit me with another of his rays and pushed me towards the gate. The giant claw reached out and grabbed me, I was being pulled in! “You motherf…”

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Syler Entry 8

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