Soveliss Entry 7

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The brave adventurers we, had come to an impasse. Our strength was waning and we were exhausted from thwarting the wicked plans of all evil in our path. Poor Belgarde was running on empty, his body exhausted and his strength waning. The rest of us still had some vim in us. Ever prepared for the sake of my allies I recalled a ritual I had in my book and set about to casting it. We all took hands in my ritual circle and I began the chant of friendship. I melded our life force together and took a breath from it to empower the rite. Our energy, our exhaustion, our pain became felt as one, we were all sufferers and all benefactors at once and when the ritual ended, Belgarde felt refreshed and Keegan had expended some of his indomitable nature for Belgarde’s sake. It was time to carry on.

We took to the double doors that would be our next adventure and Keegan, ever the ambitious did not even rapp upon them, instead he swung them inward revealing a place of trees and growth. One of the arboreal monstrosities had upon it a human face, glaring with malice like a hell-spawned greenery. I ducked to the side, slipping into shadows to watch what unfolded. Keegan approached and was verbally halted by the voice of a creeper, a monster… A plant in man’s clothing. It challenged him, declaring this place a home of the foliage gods. I thought that interesting but listened on.

The bush-man was accompanied by a bear and neither seemed friendly. He carried on about the power of his master whom we must swear fealty to in order to live. Belgarde, ever the joker and trickster bantered back that he would join the trees. This caught the grousing greenery off guard for a moment as the declaration sounded real but I knew better. This was the old “Lie-and-Wait” trick that he and I had pulled many times in the past during our more cheerful day with the Zimzamaroo traveling carnival. I knew his game and I approved… However, much like the Geek… I did not think that our unhinged herbal host would appreciate it as much… I was right.

The thorn threatened that Belgarde could live, but Keegan must die. “Good luck” I thought to myself “Keegan is as dangerous as the axe to your shrubbery.” Keegan took this challenge as a sign that the perennial poseur would not be backing down and headed into the arbor. Blades clashed, wood chips flew, green light sparked and a walking vine, arboreal assassin and bear we slew.

We stood our ground and searched the room but found nothing of interest but a closet meant for brooms. We decided it would be prudent to head back to find a place of rest and spent our hours relaxing. We returned to find the hedge maze had re-populated itself with further followers of feisty foliage. We hacked our way through the pesky animate vines and heard the pipes of a plucky puck… A piper of goat legs and human torso… A satyr stood urging his friends on with his tune. Fortunately for the little goat-man he managed to escape our slaughter of his allies.

We continued on, through the church of the leafy-god and to a pit-room… The room had remainders of leaves and vines that must have fallen off of original inhabitants. We traipsed through the room to the other side and through the large doors that opened into … THE OUTSIDE! Freedom at last! We had made it out, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, the odd spider creatures were scuttling toward us… Yes folks, that’s right. My stalwart allies noticed the odd spider people baring weapons scuttling toward us from about the woods. We took up arms and spread out among the small stone pillars and I made haste and began moving about the room like mad in an attempt to baffle the adversaries.

Say what you will of Halflings, you may consider them mischievous or child-like, but none are as bold and heroic as Cage the Wolf. He struck out around the room, bobbing in and out of trees tearing enemies off of their guard and slaying them. Keegan charged the closest one and began setting up his own brand of destruction, his psychic barriers keeping all but the heaviest blows from him. I would imagine that if he gathers power from his emotions or demeanor, and his power source is sullen pride, then I don’t even think the gods themselves could defeat him. Feh, still the enigma, still the speeding fist jumped through the fight, landing devastating blows left and right. Belgarde, in the back, assaulted our foes with debilitating force… until the satyr decided he had seen enough.

The little goat-man dropped from the trees, I caught it from the corner of my eyes. He landed with a thump and steadied his gaze on Belgarde. His hooves scraped and for mere seconds time slowed, he shook with fear and anger and then as time leapt forward he ran head-long, horns lowered, into Belgarde’s nethers, eliciting a scream from my tiefling friend. The attack however was only the satyr’s first folly as his strike caused retribution toward himself in the form of raging hellfire. It swallowed up the satyr, his bleating frantic and he tried to race, like a bah-ing fireball he struck across the room to be stopped and cut down by Feh and Keegan.

We caught our breath, and I tried to lift the Belgarde’s spirits.

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Soveliss Entry 7

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