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The Seven-Pillared Hall, a mighty chamber, was once the market square and meeting place of the ancient undermountain city of Saruun Khel. In some ways, it still serves as a market and meeting place of sorts, but for a different kind of inhabitant. Today, the Mages of Saruun provide order and safety within the Hall, though they are not forthcoming with their reasons for doing so. The relative safety of the place has given rise to an underground market—both figuratively and literally.

Population: 513

Leadership: Mages of Saruun

Demographics: The population of Seven-Pillared Hall is composed of highly disparate races. Dwarves, drow, duergar, gnomes, half-orcs, halflings, humans, ogres, tieflings and more call the hall home.

Economics: Seven-Pillared Hall is primarily a trade center for ore mined from the labyrinth as well as a hub for Underdark merchants to sell goods to surface dwellers.

Inns & Taverns: Halfmoon Inn, Rothar’s Taproom

Supplies: Bersk the Wainwright, The Deepgem Company, Dreskin the Provisioner, Gendar’s Curios and Relics, Grimmerzhul Trading Post, House Azaer

Temples: Temple of Hidden Light (Erathis)

Places of Note

1. The Road of Lanterns

The road from the Minotaur Gate opens into the Seven-Pillared Hall at this location.

2. The Customhouse

This building serves as the headquarters for the enforcers employed by the Mages of Saruun to keep order in the Seven-Pillared Hall. Brugg, an ogre, leads the enforcers.

3. The Deepgem Company
Owner: Ulthand Deepgem (male dwarf)

Two large stone friezes in the shape of stern dwarf faces adorn the facade of this expertly carved series of chambers.

The Deepgem Company deals in gems and precious metals, as well as fine arms and armor. The company buys gold, gemstones, and other valuables from Thunderspire’s many prospectors.

Ulthand Deepgem met the party in the Halfmoon Inn one morning, and he has asked the party to look for his missing boar, lost when one of his mining caravans was attacked a few days before.

4. Bersk the Wainwright
Owner: Bersk Hollon (human male)

A handful of human merchants from Nentir Vale, as well as dwarves from Hammerfast, sometimes visit the Seven-Pillared Hall with their wagons, and that means there’s work for a wainwright here. Bersk Hollon is a big, muscular, foul-mouthed man who builds and repairs wagons. He also runs a small stable, renting out pack mules to the occasional customer who needs them.

5. Temple of Hidden Light
Priestess: Phaledra (female half-elf)

A small shrine dedicated to Erathis, goddess of law and civilization, has been established in the Hall.

6. Residences

These brick buildings house the merchants that are permanent residents of the Seven-Pillared Hall.

7. House Azaer
Manager: Noristo Azaer (male tiefling)

The trading post is a stout building made of stone blocks taken from the ruins of old minotaur walls.

A merchant company headquartered in Fallcrest, House Azaer maintains a trading post in the Seven-Pillared Hall. It deals in surface goods, such as wine, ale, leatherwork, and woodwork, trading with the subterranean folk who come to the Seven-Pillared Hall.

8. The Pigeonholes

People who take up residence in the Seven-Pillared Hall are welcome to pick out any side chamber not in use. These cramped chambers are known as the Pigeonholes.

10. The Halfmoon Inn
Owner: Erra Halfmoon

This large building sits against the side of the Hall and serves as a trading post, taproom, and inn.

The halflings of the Halfmoon family run the place, stocking a variety of foodstuffs and other goods obtained from Halfmoon posts in neighboring lands. Aside from the Pigeonholes, the Halfmoon offers the only accommodations in the Hall.

14. Minotaur Statue

On a stone platform in the eastern part of the Hall stands a ten-foot-wide, thirty-foot-tall statue of a minotaur. The bronze form has arms outstretched in a ritualistic pose. On the floor surrounding the statue, a twenty-foot-diameter circle is etched with gleaming runes.

Rendil Halfmoon informed the party that this is the teleportation circle that connects to the mages’ tower in the northeast corner of the Hall. It was here that the party met with the Ordinator Arcanis seeking directions for finding the Horned Hold. He provided these to them after they agreed to find a rogue mage for the Mages of Saruun.

15. Gendar’s Curios and Relics
Proprietor: Gendar (male drow)

An expatriate drow with an eyepatch and a predatory grin, the rogue Gendar trades in old treasures from the Labyrinth. In their initial meeting with the dark elf, Balasar noted his apparent greed, charging Morthos 100 gp for directions to the Chamber of Eyes.

He asked the party to recover a scepter for him from the duergar in the Horned Hold, which they did within a few days.

16. Dreskin the Provisioner
Owner: Dreskin (male gnome)

A rotund little man with a wheedling manner, Dreskin makes a living by importing foodstuffs and other supplies from Fallcrest and the surrounding community.

17. Rothar’s Taproom
Owner: Rothar (male half-orc)

A heap of reused rubble and crudely cut timbers has been haphazardly turned into an alehouse.

18. The Road of Shadows

This passage is 10 feet wide and about 12 feet tall. It eventually leads to the Horned Hold, although the way is not marked.

19. Grimmerzhul Trading Post
Manager: Kedhira (female duergar)

Enclosed by a rampart, the trading post of the Clan Grimmerzhul duergar appears as a fortress.

20. The Dragon Door

This stone door is carved in the shape of a dragon gripping an orb in its claws. The passage beyond leads into the Labyrinth.

The Chamber of Eyes lies in this direction.

21. The Tower of Saruun

This stone bastion has several window slits on its upper floor, looking out over the Hall, but no visible doors.

This building serves as the headquarters of the Mages of Saruun. According to Rendil Halfmoon, the wizards come and go by means of a teleportation circle at the base of the large bronze minotaur statue.

22. The Shining Road

On the keystone of the dark archway above this path is a chiseled horizontal line with a vertical line beneath it. Those of a religious bent may recognize the sign as that of Torog, the King That Crawls. The passage beyond leads into the Labyrinth.

Seven Pillared Hall

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