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We did get back to Winterhaven, still on the 28 day of March, bloody and bruised and tired and saddened but victori… having won. Guards told us the town was better now. Seemed to feel better at the same time we killed those priests in the room of blood, which is odd becau… oh! I think the priests were making the town sick at the same time they were getting that demon thing to come. When we killed them, the town got better. It all makes so much sense now.

Winterhaven treats people like us as you could expect, even looking like this (fresh from killing) we still get good response because they think we helped make the evil go away. They still do not like to be near us, because they are scared and could not defend thems.. could not defend from us if we decided to attack them, and that makes sense. It still feels odd, being treated like a hero and rev… shunned like a murderer.

First thing we did was get Syler to a healer. I did not think the magic of humans could fix dead, but they told me I was wrong and since it was one of our own that needed fixing I was incl..ind to act like I believed them. Sister Linora, that ’s the lady at the temple what says she can fix dead. She better be right. The ritual she wanted to perform she said was expensive, so I thought maybe we were just being duped, but it was Syler’s money I paid her with so even if it does not work at least it will be money that was not ours to lose.

With the little one in her hands, and nothing much to do besides wait, we set out for some rest and cleaning and shopping. The evil priests, in addition to being very evil, were not entirely poor. As is our right as conqerers, we took what wealth they left and with it hope to get better stuff to help us to best other evil foes. That makes me think of something odd. If evil priests and armies and such kept less wealth with them then adventururs like us would be less able to continue crushing their plans. We would find one set of them, kill them or whatever, then get very little from them to help us find more like them and kill, or whatever, those new evil forces. I guess they just do not care enough to make life easier on their fellow villains. I ‘ll keep this one to myself; would not want the villains around here to hear what I ‘m thinking and get any ideas.

I could not really enjoy the bath I found. I mean, it was clean water and all, plus they gave me new clothes to replace the ones they said were beyond cleaning; which I did not understand because I was not “beyond cleaning”; but my mind raced about Syler. The poor little guy was all cold and dead. If that priest could not bring him back then he ‘d stay cold and dead, plus he ‘d start to stink. I know dead is worse than stinking but it ’s SO bad that nothing else bad should have to happen to you; you know? So my mind did this kind of racing the whole time I was getting clean. When I was done, I just could not take it anymore. Instead of staying away, like the lady Linora told us to do, I just had to come see how the ritual was going. The others came too, probably just because they were curious.

We got to the temple, walked in, and out he ran.. ALIVE!!! The lady had done it, she really had done it!!! I thought maybe Syler was not Syler at first, that he was made different by the ritual that fixed him, but that did not stick around long. We gave him his stuff back, let him know how glad we were that he was back, and he started bitching about not having all his money. That ’s Syler, always worried about money. He gave Linora a hard time about ‘stealing’ from him, then was probably thinking about the other way things could have worked out and decided that being alive was better than being richer. At least, I think that ’s what he decided because he did not have anything else to say about the lost monies.

So, with friend in tow, we all headed out to celebrate. I had never seen anyone brought back from being dead and so it seemed like the perfect reason to party. The town seemed to agree. We had beer and wine and food and wenches and song and talk and everything we could have wanted, some of it long into the night. When we were very drunk, but not done with our drinking, a man (Bairwin Wildarson) came to us and asked for our help. He offered a good sum of money for delivery of items to Fallcrest, which seemed like a good deal. The man obviously wanted strong capable fighters, so I guess he expects someone to try and steal what he has to give. All of this did not occur to me at the time, for I was still working my way from beer to wench to beer, but it did occur to me later. Fortunately, Syler and the rest were more capable at handling negotia…um… the deal. They made sure we were not getting a bad one and the man, very generously, sealed the occasion with more drink. So, I might say, it was probably the best business meeting I’ve ever had. I can only hope that all future business meetings are so well enjoyed and so fruitful.

I woke on the next day, 29 th of March, with a nasty biting in my head and a very naked wench in my bed. Neither were particularly desired given the pending business of the day, but both were well worth the in-conveeniences. The lass was sent off about her business, with what I believe was reluctance, but the pain in my head did not give so easily. Instead, it followed through the rest of the afternoon.

We did our business with that Bairwin fellow, met with Padraig about some letter or something, and got more business for Fallcrest. It seems that letter was very important and some Lord in Fallcrest would, Padraig believed, want to see it for himself. That seemed the sort of thing we could handle, and we agreed. Besides, what’s one more errand if we ‘re already in the area?

With nothing more to do in Winterhaven we set out for Fallcrest. The villagers, still happy it seemed, saw us to the gates with cheers and praise.

We walked and walked down the Old King road, a path I ‘d been on many times. It is not the safest road in all the land, but it is safe enough usually, and for a time it was just that safe. On the 30 th of March, just a day out from Winterhaven, that changed a bit. Our old ‘friend’, receiver of our great and plentiful graciousness, Splug, came running up to us from out of nowhere. He literally just appeared, running, right there off the road. He had apparently pissed off some of the forest creatures, wolves to be exactly precise. We could have left him there, to learn from his own mistakes, but that would have been not very helpful because the wolves that chased him, we quickly saw, were extra big and mean. He would have only learned to die, and as we have seen from Syler that does not teach one very much at all.

So we helped the poor guy. It was a nice change of paces to fight something less intelligent than us. Always fighting the very smart gets very tiresome. They are always outsmarting us and making things difficult. Wolves are just wolves, and even I am smarter than most of those creatures. When it was all done, and the misguided furries layed dead on the road, we got Splug down from his hiding place (which was a big boulder on the side of the road… I did not know goblins could climb so well, but they can) and started with the inev… expected questions. “Why are you here? What happened to you? Why were those wolves chasing you?”, and a bunch of other crap. Poor guy had been wandering around, with those Kobolds we released I think, without a weapon or good drink or anything helpful. Etholin helped him with the drink, but that did not help. Splug just over did himself, crashed out, and we ended up carrying the guy until he woke up.

We got closer to Fallcrest, more blasted walking, an Splug finally woke up. He rambled on about some crap for a while before Syler could bewtoe him with the gifts we wanted to give him before he drank himself into not being awake anymore. Syler gave Splug his old short sword, and a dagger, and Splug was very very happy. He did seem a bit confused however, and thought they would make him not able to die. I tried to explain how that was not true but he did not want to hear what I had to say. Finally Splug decided to go to some place called the Witchlight Fens… I do not know where that is but Splug seemed to think it was better than Fallcrest. It seemed a reasonable idea, since the guards in Fallcrest would most likely kill him for being, you know, a goblin. Splug also decided to tell other goblins about our help, and how great we were, which we did not ask him to do. I ‘m not sure, but I think Splug gave us the name “The Fab Five for Life”. It is not the name I would have chosen for our group, but maybe it is simple enough that goblins the world over will be able to remember it and call us friend when we see them. That could prove very useful when we are able to adventure again. I hear that goblins inhabit much of the world’s nastier places. I mean, they are plentiful, that much is obvious, and normal cities will not let them live anywhere near them so they have to be in other places. From what I can tell, most of those “other places” are the kind of bad places we would end up while adventuring. That means, I think, that Splug could end up saving us a lot of hassle later on. I ‘ll have to remember to be nicer to Splug in the future. When we get to Fallcrest I ‘m going to buy some ‘rotgut’ to keep with me in case we ever run into him again.

We got to Fallcrest late today, the 31 th of March (that ‘s the last day of March) and finally Douven was home. His wife, Bahla, was very very happy to see him, and also very very mad. Iw as confused at first but then it got clear. She was mad for him being gone and happy for him being home. It does not seem the kind of thing a man should have to deal with. I think I ‘ll stick to bar wenches for now. The worst they will do to you is try and make you give money for raising a baby or something, and I ‘m not even sure human women can have Dragonborn babies, so I may be in luck there. Bahla, in a show of great and honorable grat… happiness let us stay with her and Douven, although I think Douven did not have much say in the matter.

On the first day of April we got up and set about to doing business. Half-pint and Tolis-Va did the map business, which led to a lead on another job. I went with Etholin to see Marla at the ‘great church’ and we did conduct business about the evil priests; namely Kalarel. She assured us that all would be better after she got her bosses to know what was going on and then to make the ritual place less able to be used as a place to open rifts. It all sounded very complicated, but well thought out. It was enough for us to get paid and to have the weight of that place off our shoulders. Morthos, during all this, had setup some meeting for us, and did so.

After some rest, and shopping for new gear, which was found and should come in handy on these future adventures, we did go to that meeting with the guy Morthos set us up with; Lord Warden somebody. He seemed very interested in our news and that we knew Padraig and that Thunderspire was where those Bloodreaver hobgoblins were and that maybe some people had been captured and taken to that place by those creatures. There was a lot of things discussed and I had a little trouble keeping up. In the end, it was enough that we spoke to him. I heard a few numbers go back and forth. It all seemed like a good payday for a good honest bit of killing and rescuing.

With that meeting finished, and our path very clear, we sought out the thoughts of one more person, Nimoz.. the Green. He was supposed to know a bunch about Thunderspire, or at least that is what Syler and Tolis-Va said they were told. Fortunately, it all turned out to be true!! The guy did know about Thunderspire and the things that might be there. He also wanted to pay us to go there. From what I could tell, many people were willing to pay us to go to this place to do a variety of things. It seemed the only thing to do, given our situation and the needs of those in Fallcrest, not to mention the desires of those poor soles that are probably there waiting to be slaves. I would not want to be a slave and I imagine they do not want to be slaves either.

When we find them, before they are saved, we should make sure they do not want to be slaves. I would not want to save someone from slavery that wants to be a slave, although why anyone would want to be a slave is well beyond my way of thinking.

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Balasar Entry 7

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