Balasar Entry 6

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We rest here still, in the not-graveyard, take time to sleep and get ready for more looking around; fighting. It is 28 March, early, and we set out for unlooked at parts of dungeon. It is easy to know where to go, because there are dead bodies or blood stains in all the places we already went. I did n’t tell anyone, but sometimes I get confused in these places. The stones are all so similar, and nothing says what anything is, like in cities. No pictures to show the tavern from the stable, much less the clue from the trap.

If the others found out that I get lost so easy then they might not trust me to be smart enough to know what to do when there is trouble. They already laugh at my words. I know I’m smart enough, but they don’t see it ‘cause my talking is n’t very right. I’ll show them! Think I’m stupid and none of them even says anything?! Wait, wait, maybe I’m wrong. They could be laughing at other stuff. They better be laughing at other stuff.

We traveled for a little while after these thoughts. I tried not to think of them in my mind, but they kept being there; the thoughts. But battle came soon and so that finally made the thoughts get replaced with plans. The two sneaky sorts made their way towards what looked like a place with furniture down the end of a long hall, and light was at the end. I felt like it was a trap, but they didn’t even want to hear me. So I waited and do you know what? Sure enough, they got in trouble. A big gate came down right where they were going, blocked off their path, our path, and probably woke up or alerted every stinking hobgoblin in the whole place.

This is when I did something good. They call me dumb, but I mean not really ‘call’ me dumb ‘cause they do n’t actually say it …. Anyway, I saw this big gate come slaming down on the floor, and Syler looked at Tolis-Va, and the other way happened, and then neither of them even tried to lift the gate. They wanted to come back to where the rest of us were waiting and get the plan changed to go to somewhere else, through a different new door. I put my foot down and did the good thing. See, I was afraid thought it important to see if was true, that this gate was supposed to make us go the other way.. since there was only ONE other way to go. They didn’t believe me when I thought there would be a trap, they certainly were n’t going to believe me when I said we were in the middle of one. So I did that good thing I was talking about. Without even asking, I just walked up to that big gate, a porticlis someone called it, and showed them that it was no big deal to lift it. Sure, it would have taken both of them, or maybe three of them since Syler is so small, but the gate would have come up. I showed them that. They didn’t show me that. This is the good thing I was saying that I did. It let us go straight to the place where that light had been coming from.

Unfortuneitley, there were no hobgoblins in that room, and the room was really small. I felt like maybe my good help wasn’t good enough. Then the others started talking about a plan to do something, where to go next or some kind of thing. I did n’t know what to do, so I just waited for the hobgoblins. They got there before the others were done talking. I guess that kind of makes the hobgoblins the winners, but I didn’t think about that at the time. We were too busy slaughtering the stinky creatures, mostly because they attacked, but also because we planned on killing them anyway. I mean, after all, they ARE hobgoblins and none of them can really be expected to do any good.

Having marked the room for future reference, which was fun even by itself, we moved on to see what else was around. Money, that’s what was around, precious buy-everything, have n’t-had-much-of-it-lately, need-more-of-it money. Syler was also blessed with a fine murderers’ blade, the short stabby kind only used to kill people with. He seemed to like it quite a bit. Oh, and there were also some kind of war plans, but I let the really smart ones deal with those details. I really did n’t need any help getting them back on the “Balasar is n’t smart enough” band of wagons.

A few more of the hobgoblins died after that when we got attacked again, but mostly we just made our way back to another part of the dungeon. This one had been a battle before, so the doors that were closed on one wall of it must be a place we had n’t gone yet. Tolis-Va checked the door out, heard something, gave me the “go ahead”. I went in, ready for more, and got something very different. The blood got to our fight before we did. Big rivers of it, flowing around the center of what looked like an evil place. A big hold in the center was the drain for all that blood. Some many things must have died to give all that blood, and recently probably since blood is like it is. Odd archi.. walls and columns and stuff were in this place, which I think was some kind of worship place for Orcus.

Then the humans attacked us. Followers of Orcus, I spit on Orcus! They said we were too late, said we would die, lots of talk. In the end, none of them were right. All of them died, and we killed each and every one of them that did. The battle was tough, and those humans, and some not humans, put up a really good fight… I mean, for worshipers of that bitch god. With those bastards dead we looked around and, yes, found only really bad news. The only other exit was down the blood drain, a wide pit some fifty feet deep that lead into another chamber; presumably with a great deal of blood in it. Everybody started getting down into that horrible horrible room, using the slippery chains that seemed attached below, but not everyone can do this kind of thing. See, we found that out right when Etholin slipped from the very same chains and fell all the way down to be laying, hurt, in a pool of who knows what kind of blood.

That’s when things really, and I mean really, started their downward spiral. Enemies, all around. Orcus, big statue. Evil portal, being pointed at by the Orcus statue. It all added up to a bad time. One notable fuck, as Syler pointed out, was Cholerell, the priest of Orcus, who taunted us before we had really even taken in the new environment; certainly before Etholin knew what was going on. We fought valiantly in that battle. I personally took out one ghastly beast myself. The others combined their efforts to thwart the guardians of Cholerell and get the vile priest to run. Well, he moved, did n’t run, more like teliport. I did n’t notice that at the time, only saw it had happened later and got told about how it went down. By the time I had finished with my part of things the priest was in the magic circle that was in between the statue of Orcus, bitch god, and the evil portal.

Poor little guy, so small, so angry. He did his best, better than any of us could have done. His new sword, flashy and powerful, struck true more times than not against these Orc-tards. It was everything he had out there, everything all the way up to being alive. He gave it all.

Priest pushed him right up to the edge of the evil portal, practi… baseickly gift wrapped half-pint for the demon hands that finally reached from the portal and absorbed him. We didn’t see Syler for the rest of the battle. It was n’t until the Cholerell died and the same creature took him that Syler’s body came tumbling from the black emptiness. Thing got all different just after too, hard and not looking like a magic portal anymore, unpassable. I remember being very angry at that moment, when I got a chance to see that Syler was really dead. I cursed the name of Orcus, bitch god, and many other things. They were all true and real and I only wish I remembered more of them. Vindeecated, we were, having immediately killed the bastard that killed our little bastard, but still it didn’t feel much like good. Instead it was more sad than any death I ever saw before, more real, more like what I do n’t want to happen to me.

That’s when I decided that we were done down here, in this place. Syler’s body needed good dirt to live in now, and I was only just coming to terms with that as I stood there, the little body in my arms, waiting for the others to come to their senses and agree with me. For the love of Tiamat I wanted to throttle each and every one of them for not being more angry and moved to action by our companion’s death. Without Syler things like what we had been through recently would be much more bad, deadly, not in a good way. Maybe some of these guys could use a good sense of relying on others to help theirself. Nobody gets anywhere they want to be all by theirself, but lots of people say they do all the stuff that needs doing all by theirself; act all noble and such. Real truth is, everybody is out for their own stuff and if you can’t see what makes that work then you ‘re not focusing enough on making sure your own stuff gets done; and I do n’t know if it ‘s good for people in our line of work to focus so little on themselves.

Syler’s death really opened my eyes.

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Balasar Entry 6

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