The Dark

Session 37: Spiral's Edge

In Which the Heroes Route the Marrowmaw and Rescue Prisoners

13 July (Continued)


The heroes pressed deeper into Marrowmaw territory, and after examining a hatchery (where Bakkus Freehorn broke an egg and killed a trog fetus) they did battle with the chieftain and his grunts. All but one of the trogs were defeated (the last fled), and the party helped itself to the stinky reptiles’ treasure – magic gauntlets and a wand.

Deciding to let the fled trog escape, they continued their search pattern – following the outer wall of the warrens on their right hand side. They passed through a fungus garden growing out of dead trogs, then into a wide chamber that was clearly the bottom of a sinkhole. Three more trolls and three more nothics were defeated without much trouble, and then Soveliss removed the bar from a wooden door nearby. Five prisoners, farmers and homesteaders from near Moonstair were very grateful to see non-troll faces, and they warned the heroes to watch out for the troll with the red eye.

Act 4 – King of the Trollhaunt Warrens



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