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Below are a number of NPCs with whom the PCs have interacted during the course of their adventures. NPCs with bold names are associated with quests that have not yet been completed.

Current Act

Feywild Realm of Celduilon

Vyrellis – A Summer Queen, Soveliss’ Patron (female eladrin spirit)

Barony of Therund

Perenon d’Oria- Baron of Therund (male human)


Bax – Demoralized Survivor of Etheran’s Adventuring Party (male dragonborn)

Cham – Portly Proprietor of Cloudwatch Inn (male halfling)

Etheran d’Oria – The Baron’s Missing Son (male human, dead)

Kelana Dhoram – Mayor of Moonstair (female half-elf)

Former Acts

Town of Fallcrest

Douven Staul – Retired Explorer (male human)

Faren Markelhay – Lord Warden of Fallcrest (male human)

Nimozaran the Green – High Septarch of Fallcrest (male human)

Parle Cranewing – Eccentric Scholar and Ancient Ruin Enthusiast (male human)

Sister Marla – Young Priestess of Pelor (female human)

Teldorthan Goldcap – Armorer (male dwarf)

Village of Winterhaven

Padraig – Lord of Winterhaven (male human)

Salvana Wrafton – Owner of Wrafton’s Inn (female human)

Eilan the Old – Old Farmer, Regular at Wrafton’s (male human)

Valthrun the Prescient – Sage and Scholar (male human)

Ninaran – Antisocial Huntress, Kalarel’s Spy (female elf, dead)

Delphina Moongem – Flower Vendor (female elf)

Bairwin Wildarson – Proprietor of Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe (male human)

Rond Kelfem – Captain of the Winterhaven Regulars (male human)

Thair Coalstriker – Smithy (male dwarf)

Sister Linora – Priestess of Avandra, Returned Syler to Life (female human)

Barony of Harkenwold

Baron Stockmer – Ruler of the Barony, Lost a Nephew to Maldrick Scarmaker (male human)

Seven-Pillared Hall

Rendil Halfmoon – Explorer and Nephew of Erra (male halfling)

Erra Halfmoon – Owner of the Halfmoon Inn (female halfling)

Gendar – Proprietor of Gendar’s Curios (male drow)

Brugg – Former Enforcer for the Mages of Saruun (male ogre, dead)

The Ordinator Arcanis – Arbitrator/Executioner for the Mages of Saruun, Interested in the Activities of one of his Brethren (male? human?)

Paldemar – Rogue Mage of Saruun, Current Whereabouts Unknown (male human)

Dreskin – Provisioner Who Tends to Overcharge Patrons (male gnome)

Ulthand Deepgem – Owner/Operator of the Deepgem Company, Lost his Dire Boar (male dwarf)

Well of Demons

Maldrick Scarmaker – Chieftain of the Blackfang Gnolls (male gnoll)

Winterbole Forest

Gharash Vren – Leader of a Gang of Dangerous Criminals (male dragonborn)

Pyramid of Shadows

Karavakos – Despot Trapped in the Pyramid for Breaking a Deal with the Devil (male tiefling)


The Dark zero