Morthos Entry 9

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I’ve decided to keep a journal of my adventurers to track my progress and keep notes on what I encounter. It is my hope that I can slowly piece together information and one day, bring about a renewed look of my people.

After our hollowed victory at the Shadowkeep, we returned back to Winterhaven with Syler’s body. Since we had no time or place to clean up, we looked like we had just fought a war and truth be told, I think we all felt that way as well. We made our way to the Temple of Avandra where we spoke with Sister Linora in hopes that she could bring Syler back from the lands of the dead. Truth be told, I don’t know if I would want such a thing, I guess it depends if my soul would go to join the Platinum Dragon or not. I don’t know if I would want to leave his side once joining it.

The Sister told us she would attempt it and told us that there was a charge for it for supplies. We then went through the halfling’s things and paid for the ritual with his own money. Seemed fair to me. With that done, we all went for a well deserved bath and meal, which turned into an all out celebration as the town of Winterhaven collected together to party. It was nice and left me with confirmation that doing the good deed can go a long way.

During the celebration, a man by the name of Bairwin Wildarson came over to our table with a business offer to run an errand to Seven-Pillared Hall just east of Fallcrest beneath the Thunderspire Mountain. He wanted us to see a man by the name of Gendar on his behalf. He would give us some supplies to bring back. He was willing to pay 500 gold for the whole job. It seemed innocent enough but a concern was left in the back of my mind about his talk of exotic goods. I can’t help but think that the ‘exotic’ may be less than good. Since I have nothing to go off though, I kept my thoughts to myself. The group agreed to the errand and as we decided on what to do, I was reminded of letter to Kalarel from Chief Krand of the Bloodreavers. I told the group that Lord Padraig would want to see it and they all agreed.

Our meeting with Padraig was quick to setup, and when we showed him the letter, he was concerned and suggested that we go to Lord Warden Faren Markelhay in Fallcrest. He then gave us a letter of introduction to help get a meeting with him. With no more business to conduct, we left town.

The next day, as we traveled along the road, we encountered a curious sight. A goblin being chased by wolves. After a better look, it was none other than Splug, the goblin we let go in the Shadowkeep. He ran up a boulder and cried out for help. The group went to the aid of Splug and killed the wolves in short order. When we asked him what had happened after he left, he said that the kobolds had rejected him, refusing to let him go with the on their journey back home. Strange, I figured that all the goblinoid creatures got along to some degree.

Etholin then noticed the item Splug had been carrying. He gladly displayed for us his lute and expressed his desire to start a group to sing tales and music. I couldn’t help but smile at the thought. His desire seemed genuine enough. He then asked for some booze, which we gave him, which in turn knocked him out in under a minute. Balasar grabbed the goblin and we continued on our way.

By evening, Slug had finally woken up from dreams of naked women. The thought sends shivers down my spine when I think of it. He expressed his gratitude to us again and said that he should be going off, probably towards the Witchlight Fens. Syler gave him a dagger and sword, saying that he should hold onto it just in case he ran into any more trouble. Slug was delighted as ever and left singing the praises of the ‘Fab Five’ as Tolis-Va put it. I could only sigh. How can you stare evil down with that name and not get laughed at?

Anyhow, we finally arrived back in Fallcrest where we spent the night at Douven’s place at their request, but ultimately, I was wanting to return home to see my parents again. In the morning I stopped by to make a request for an audience with Lord Warden Markelhay before making the trip out to the farm. It was great seeing my parents once more, and we talked for a spell over some home made food and drink. As the day grew on, I said my goodbyes and told the group that the meeting with Markelhay was in the evening so we all decided to go hit the shops with all the gold that we had picked up. I managed to find an excellent suit of dwarven chain that had been enchanted. It was a little loose around the waist on me but a belt fixed that problem nicely.

When speaking with the Lord about the letter from the Bloodreaver’s, he told us that they had been a menace to the area and had even kidnapped several townsfolk. He offered a reward for rescuing the people and ending the Bloodreaver’s presence once and for all. 1,500 gold all told if I remember right. To do good and get paid, life couldn’t be better.

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Morthos Entry 9

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