Morthos Entry 7

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Mother and Father,

We took another rest after delving even farther into the depths of this wicked ruined castle. I’ve learned should you want to find something evil, just head into the dungeons and further, and you are sure to find it. Anyhow, after our rest and breakfast, we set out once more to push farther.

Our first encounter was a pair of hobgoblins who called out a challenge phrase to us as we descended the stairs. Syler responded quickly with the phrase we had found earlier. He had been waiting for so long to use that phrase, using it on every door and creature we had come across. Now that we had finally found a true use for the phrase, it turned out to be bad for us as apparently it was a secret message that said we were not on their side. The hobgoblins called out for help and to warn Kalarel that we were coming.

A fight ensued with the hobgoblins as well as this huge spider that charged Tolis-Va. After the initial shock of the attack, we quickly recovered and let our instincts take over which have improved rapidly over the course of the past several days due to the constant fighting.

Father, did you ever notice when you were an adventurer that those of our kind always go where they aren’t suppose to? After the fight with the hobgoblins, we came upon a door that had the word “Closed” clearly written on it. That would tell me that the door should be kept closed. Alas, the group decided to pry the board off the door that blocked the entrance and went inside anyway only to be greeted by a huge cube of goo that quickly swallowed up Tolis-Va who had not been having a good day this day. We fought quick and hard to try and destroy the… thing as fast as we could as each second passed, Tolis-Va moved less and less. Just as I thought that he was dead, the thing lost cohesion and fell about into a fluid mess and dumped the elf onto the ground. He was alive but barely. We decided to take a good break after that and have lunch.

After our rest, we made our way farther in, coming across a variety of tombs and memorials, one of which had these four nice looking statues of some dragons and a really big one of a man in armor with a big sword. Did I mention it was big? I mean really big. As Tolis-Va and Balasar moved to search over the room, the statue came to life and tried to take the dragonborn’s head but missed luckily. As the rest of us tried to came to their aid, a large amount of water started to fill up the room and threatened to drown us. Through brute force we were able to destroy the statues that were pouring the water into the room which in turn destroyed a wall that was keeping the water in the room. We then disabled the sword wielding statue and quickly left the room.

The chamber to the south brought into view more zombies which we easily defeated. I don’t know why people get so scared of these things. We have yet to meet one that was a threat. A threat to adventurers anyhow. I can still see why normal folk would be scared. I gave a quiet prayer to the Platinum Dragon to look after those poor people that had died here, and the dragonborn gave me a glare for it, not that I care. We are friends but our faiths are opposites of the same coin. It is strange. I hope it doesn’t harm our friendship.

Since this seemed to be the end of the passageways in this area, we returned back to the room where we encountered the hobgoblins to find more hobgoblins looking over their dead comrades. One in particular, a shaman looking creature, looked shaken over the scene and as he looked at us, issued the command to kill us. Good dragons, not again.

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Morthos Entry 7

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