Kegan Entry 10

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We have come together again once more, minus Feh. The unusual and confounding man threw one hell of a party the night of our return. Drinks for everyone and stories ran rampant from the bard. We were having a good time when a minotaur entered the Blue Moon Alehouse. He was a hulking fellow who was mostly interested in getting himself a drink. The others were wary of the creature, I would guess due to the experience with the minotaur that they encountered in the pyramid.

Eventually, the minotaur made his way over to our table, asking if we knew where he could find the Pyramid of Shadows. I chuckled at the question; the others were a bit more… boisterous with their reply. The large creature seemed disappointed that he had missed out on the glory of defeating that god awful prison. The rest of us were thankful to be alive at its destruction. It was an interesting situation to be on the other side of the coin when discussing a legendary place.

Impressed with our heroics, the minotaur wanted to wanted to join us on our next adventure. He was not impressed with our reply of making a simple journey to return a family heirloom. It was a job though and might even lead into something more interesting. Isn’t that the way it goes with our kind?

We arrived a time later at Therund and met with the Baron who was surprised to see the historical item but was thankful for its return. He then brought up some troubles that his barony had been experiencing lately involving trolls. As he spoke, I could only smile that fate, once more, had thrown us into another crisis. It was like the gods were guiding us somehow. The more I thought about it, the more it annoyed me that the gods might be mettle in my affairs. I am my own person and my own destiny.

But, I’m not one to turn down a job that involves combat so I agreed, along with everyone else, to help the Baron find out what happen to his son. He had gone to the Trollhaunt to try and stop the rising tide of trolls. With that, we headed out into the Haunt. To fight trolls. Though we really didn’t have much fire other than torches, we didn’t think it would be such a big deal.

Turns out, it is really hard to take down a troll without a true source of fire. The buggers regenerate really fast. Thankfully, they aren’t great swinging their fists so we finally won out in our first fight. When the fight was over, we found the body of a messenger that was partially eaten. The poor guy. He had a note though which gave us some information as to the fate of the Baron’s son. Apparently he was torn apart by trolls as he tried to go after the Troll King. With nothing else going on and glutton for punishment, we agreed to help save the town. It’s what good little adventurers do right?

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Kegan Entry 10

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