Creatures Encountered

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Below is a short listing of creatures encountered (and usually fought) by the party. Typically, they will be listed in the order they were encountered. The subcategory of a creature will only be mentioned the first time it is encountered.

Act 1 – Keep on the Shadowfell

Act 2 – Thunderspire Labyrinth

Act 3 – Pyramid of Shadows

Act 4 – King of the Trollhaunt Warrens

Session 35 – The Messenger(s)
Baron Perenon (human), oni mage, trolls, Kelana Dhoram (half-elf), Bax (dragonborn)

Session 36 – The Marrowmaw
Etheran (human), warren trolls, troglodytes (marrowmaw impalers, marrowmaw maulers), Kasszt (elite troglodyte curse chanter), nothic stalkers

Session 37 – Spiral’s Edge
Ssark (troglodyte battle champion), troglodytes (maulers, impalers), warren trolls, nothic gazers

Creatures Encountered

The Dark zero