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To create a character for this campaign, players should follow the guidelines for Character Creation in Chapter 2 of the Player’s Handbook (starting on page 14). Backgrounds from Player’s Handbook 2 and Player’s Handbook 3 are also allowed at the players’ option. It is probably a good idea to keep in mind the four character roles and to discuss your choices with the other players. It is recommended that each of these roles is represented. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Ability Scores: Players will generate ability scores using either the Standard Array (Method 1) or Customizing Scores (Method 2) found on page 17 of the PHB.

Alignment: We’re all adults. I intend for this to be a heroic adventure, the party vs. the forces of darkness. A Good or Lawful Good alignment is appropriate for the game. However, if you feel that your character being Unaligned makes more sense, you are not forbidden from doing so. That said, I expect you to justify his lacking moral compass. Furthermore, if your character makes decisions that stray into the darker shades of grey, expect repercussions. ICA = ICC.

Equipment: For characters entering the game above first level, you begin play with three magic items. One of your level plus one, one of your level, and one of your level minus one. Additionally, you have gold equal to the cost of a magic item of your level minus one. Thus, a new 7th level character would enter the game with an 8th level item, a 7th level item, a 6th level item, and extra gold equal to the cost of a 6th level item. These magic items and any additional equipment purchased with the extra gold may be chosen from the Common Items in the books listed on the Bibliography page. For a list of Common Items, see the Item Rarity section of this document.

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