Belgarde Entry 14

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And zo it waz finally time for ze Belgarde to move on to ze new adventurez. Ze pyramid waz fun for ze while, but it waz to be growing old quickly. We lozt ze friend Feh Adaka Merope, but in ze exchange we have gained another of ze cow men. He iz called Bakkuz, let uz hope zat he iz more ztable zan ze lazt man cow zat we met.

When ze whole lot of uz had gathered at ze tavern, Zoveleez pitched hiz new idea for ze fun to be had. Ze lady zat waz in ze ball gave him ze tazk of returning ze ancient amulet zat we had found to itz rightful ownerz. Having little elze to do, zince Zimzamaroo’z Traveling Zpectacular had moved on while we were ztuck in ze pyramid, ze Belgarde immediately volunteerz to go along with hiz bezt friend. Zome of the otherz were a bit more reluctant, but in ze end, zey all agreed zat zey had nothing better to be doing.

We traveled to ze barony of Therund where we had ze meeting with ze Baron Perenon, whom we returned ze amulet to. He waz mozt pleazed to have ze treasure returned to him zat waz lozt generationz previouz. He zen informed uz of ze problemz zat hiz barony waz facing, though why he tellz uz Belgarde knowz not. Zomehow he convinced uz to be going to look for hiz zon, whom he lozt contact with a few dayz before. Hiz zon had been campaigning againzt ze trollz zat threatened ze landz.

Zo we zet off for ze town of Moonzter, hoping to find ze evidence of ze Baron’z zon there. On ze way, we came up ze pack of trollz, feazting up ze horze and itz former rider. Trollz on ze main roadz of ze barony, thingz muzt truly be bad. Trollz were like nothing zat we had faced before, zeir bodiez kept healing zemzelves over and over, rizing from blowz zat we thought zurely muzt kill zem. Ze Belgarde haz ze grand idea zat zey could no heal zemzelvez if zey were on fire, and zo it turnz out zat ze Belgarde iz right.

After ze trollz are all ze pilez of azh, we find ze letter on ze body of ze rider. He waz ze mezzenger dizpatched from Moonzter to ze Baron, to deliver ze newz of hiz zonz death. Zuch terrible newz to be finding out. We are decided to continue to Moonzter and make zure zat ze Baron’z zon is really dead.

Yez iz ze anzwer, he iz really and truly dead…ze trollz were kind enough to throw Etheran’z head back over ze wallz of ze town. A ztroke of luck thought ze Belgarde, but eet turnz out zat ze mayor…and pretty much everyone elze iz againzt ze idea of uzing hiz head to bring him back from ze dead. Nutz to zem, ze Belgarde doez whatever he wantz. Zo, in ze middle of ze night, with ze help of Zoveleez, ze Belgarde iz digging up ze grave and returning ze young Etheran to ze living.

Everyone iz zo zuprized to ze him back alive. Ze otherz of courze accuze ze Belgarde of wazting our rezourcez…but ze Belgarde zeez some shiney new gear amongzt ze party…at leazt ze Belgarde iz no zelfish oui?

With ze knowledge of Etheran, we zet off for ze zwamps, in zearch of ze troll king who iz threatening war with ze barony. With any luck, we zave ze day and ze baron rewardz uz in kind.

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