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  • Etholin Immerial

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Past Heroes]] >> Etholin Immerial --- p=. [[:immerial]] Etholin was a member of the original party, played by "Explodinator":http://www.obsidianportal.com/profile/Explodinator before he had to leave the campaign due to …

  • Etholin Journal

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Memoirs]] >> Etholin's Journal --- Etholin's entries are staged as his reflections upon his experiences.

    Act 1 - Keep on the Shadowfell

    |[[Etholin Entry 1]]|[[Etholin Entry 2]]| ---

  • Etholin Entry 1

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Memoirs]] >> [[Etholin Journal|Etholin's Journal]] >> Etholin Entry 1 --- I had met up with the Dragonkin Balasar in the city of Fallcrest and was still being trailed by the Halfling Syler. Such odd company these days. …

  • Etholin Entry 2

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Memoirs]] >> [[Etholin Journal|Etholin's Journal]] >> Etholin Entry 2 --- You know, I think I hate kobolds just about as much as I hate Gnomes… We awoke tied and bound… Well, at least I did, and blindfolded for that …