Taciturn Eladrin Wizard


Level 6 Wizard (Controller)
Medium fey humanoid (eladrin)

Initiative +3; Passive Senses Perception 16, Insight 16; low-light vision
HP 41; Bloodied 20
Healing Surge 10; Surges Per Day 6
AC 15; Fortitude #, Reflex #, Will #
Speed 6; Action Points 1

Alignment Unaligned; Languages Common, Elven, [three others]
Skills Arcana +12, Diplomacy +9, Dungeneering +11, History +12, [Eladrin Skill]
Feats Expanded Spellbook (1 additionaly daily attack spell for each level), Linguist (learn three languages), Ritual Caster, [6th Level Feat]
Str 8 (-1/+2) Dex 13 (+1/+4) Wis 16 (+3/+6)
Con 11 (+0/+3) Int 19 (+4/+7) Cha 13 (+1/+4)
Possessions +2 Magic Robes, Bag of Holding, Everlasting Provisions

Racial Traits Eladrin Education (one additional trained skill), Eladrin Weapon Proficiency (longsword), Eladrin Will (+1 racial bonus to Will def), fey step, Trance (4 hour meditation for extended rest)
Class Features Cantrips, Orb of Imposition (1/encounter – target with ongoing effect from your spells suffers a -3 penalty to saves OR extend duration of at-will spell for one more round), Spellbook

Basic Attacks

Longsword (standard; at-will) ✦ Weapon +5 vs. AC; 1d8-1 damage.
Magic Missile (standard; at-will) ✦ Weapon Ranged 20; +7 vs. Ref; 2d4+4 force damage.

Power Descriptions


Ghost Sound Wizard Cantrip 1
At-WillArcane, Illusion
Standard Ranged 10
Target: One object or unoccupied square
Effect: Cause a sound as quiet as a whisper or as a yelling or fighting creature to emit from the target. You can produce nonvocal sounds such as the ringing of a sword blow, jingling armor, or scraping stone. If you whisper, you can whisper quietly enough that only creatures adjacent to the target can hear your words.

Light Wizard Cantrip 1
Minor Ranged 5
Target: One object or unoccupied square
Effect: You cause the target to shed bright light. The light fills the target’s square and all squares within 4 squares of it. The light lasts for 5 minutes. Putting out the light is a free action.
Special: You can have only one light cantrip active at a time. If you create a new light, your previously cast light winks out.

Mage Hand Wizard Cantrip 1
At-WillArcane, Conjuration
Minor Ranged 5
Effect: You conjure a spectral floating hand in an unoccupied square within range. The hand picks up, moves, or manipulates an adjacent object weighing 20 pounds or less and carries it up to 5 squares. If you are holding the object when you use this power, the hand can move the object into a pack, a pouch, a sheathe, or a similar container and simultaneously move any one object carried or worn anywhere on your body into your hand.
As a move action, you can move the hand up to 5 squares. As a free action, you can cause the hand to drop an object it is holding, and as a minor action, you can cause the hand to pick up or manipulate a different object.
Sustain Minor: You can sustain the hand indefinitely.
Special: You can only create one hand at a time.

Prestidigitation Wizard Cantrip 1
Standard Ranged 2
Effect: Use this cantrip to accomplish one of the effects given below.
✦ Move up to 1 pound of material.
✦ Create a harmless sensory affect, such as a shower of sparks, a puff of wind, faint music, or a strong odor.
✦ Color, clean or soil items in 1 cubic foot for up to 1 hour
✦ Instantly ignite (or snuff out) a candle, a torch or a small campfire
✦ Chill, warm, or flavor up to 1 pound of nonliving matter for up to 1 hour
✦ Make a small mark or symbol appear on a surface for up to 1 hour.
✦ Produce out of nothingness a small item or image that exists until the end of your next turn.
✦ Make a small, handheld item invisible until the end of your next turn.
Nothing you create with this cantrip can deal damage, serve as a weapon or a tool, or hinder another creature’s actions. This cantrip cannot duplicate the effect of any other power.
Special: You can have as many as three prestidigitation effects active at one time.

At-Will Spells

Magic Missile Wizard Attack 1
At-WillArcane, Force, Implement
Standard Action Ranged 20
Target: One creature
Attack: +7 vs. Reflex
Hit: 2d4+4 force damage.

Ray of Frost Wizard Attack 1
At-WillArcane, Cold, Implement
Standard Action Ranged 10
Target: One creature
Attack: +7 vs. Fortitude
Hit: 1d6+4 cold damage, and the target is slowed until the end of your next turn.

Encounter Spells

POWER NAME Wizard Attack 1
EncounterArcane, Implement
Standard Action Ranged
Attack: +6 vs. Reflex

POWER NAME Wizard Attack 3
EncounterArcane, Implement
Standard Action Ranged
Attack: +6 vs. Reflex

Second Wind PC Feature
Standard Action Personal
Effect: Regain 10 hp and gain +2 to AC and all defenses until the end of your next turn.

Daily Spells

POWER NAME Wizard Attack 1
DailyArcane, Implement, Poison
Standard Ranged ETC
Attack: +6 vs. DEFENSE
Miss: IF ANY

Magic Items

+2 Amulet of Protection
Clothing: Neck
Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex, Will



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