The Dark

Interlude: Rebirth in Song and Rhyme

A Summer's Queen and a Bard's Liege

Written by Explodinator

Soveliss patted his friend Kegan on the shoulder and turned from the human. He knew Kegan needed to leave, his song had ceased for the duration of the petrification and he needed to find out how to make it right. Maybe the others would understand, maybe they wouldn’t, but it mattered not, Kegan doesn’t talk and Soveliss does, it was easier to do it himself than to watch his friend stammer on. Soveliss walked back while pulling the head of Vyrellis out of his satchel and brought it to the rest. Kegan would be back, he was sure of it. Soveliss’ heart soared at being able to bring Kegan’s chord back to the world, it would rejoin the group’s song once more,just later.

Rejoining the group Vyreliss began to commentate rather calmly that there was a place she needed to be returned to within the Feywild. Soveliss looked to the others and stated that surely enough he had plans on returning to Astrazalian. Looking about he offered to take any others with him, perhaps they would enjoy the company. Belgarde instantly exclaimed “For you old friend? Of courze!”

The group made their way back to town where celebration and song soon followed on their success within that wretched pyramid. Feh decided to mysteriously disappear, he had done what he set out to do and rewarded the town with fun and song. Soveliss was overjoyed to play for such a crowd and Belgarde performed tricks that no one expected to see. The return of the Silver Song was a joyous one. It was good to have fun, because soon the merry members would depart for a time.

The road to the glade where Astrazalian would merge with the prime was a lovely one. Trees everywhere, sunlight playing off of the green gems of leaves …

Ugh, further continuation required.

Act 3 – Pyramid of Shadows



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